A guide to investing as an Australian Company or SMSF

With  2.1 million businesses in Australia and over 600,000 self managed super funds (SMSFs) controlling $712B, yes that's billion with a B, it is no surprise that they want to invest through equity crowdfunding in Australia too. So we want to make it easier for companies and SMSF investors to invest.

We’ve outlined what we need from companies and SMSFs below. If you need more help or information, just email us on

As a company

Here’s what we need from companies (and companies acting as trustees of a SMSF):

  1. Register on the platform as an individual (instructions here)

  2. Pledge to the campaign you would like to invest in

  3. Email PledgeMe on with the following information:

    • Amount you pledged and the name you pledged under

    • Company details, including the:

      • Name of the company (as it appears on ASIC documents),

      • Address of the company's registered office,

      • Address of the company's principal place of business (if any),

      • Australian Company Number (ACN) issued to the company,

      • Set up of the company (eg. proprietary or public company)

    • Director details, including:

      • Full names of each directors

      • Details for two forms of ID (Drivers licence, Passport, medicare card, etc) or a certified copy of one ID

    • Beneficial owner(s) of the company (shareholders who own or control more than 25% of the company)

      • Full name,

      • Date of Birth or Full Residential Address

If you’re investing on behalf of a company this should be all we require. If we need to clarify further information or collect copies of documents we will be in touch after the campaign closes.


If you are registering to invest on behalf of your SMSF we require just a few additional pieces of information:

  • Name of the trust,

  • Company name of the trustee of the trust (should match above)

  • Settlor of the trust,

    • Confirm full address of all trustees (should be the same as the one you provided above for the company)

  • Type of trust

  • Country the trust was established (should be Australia for any SMSF)

  • Certified copy of the trust deed:

    • Cover page,

    • Schedule page,

    • Execution page, and

    • Signatures page

  • Full name of each beneficiary of the trust -

    • Full name,

    • Date of Birth or Full Residential Address

If you need any help with this process or have any questions, get in touch with us on