A guide to investing through PledgeMe

Part One: Register 

1. Log in.
Go here to log in:
If you haven't yet created a PledgeMe profile, click "Sign Up" and create an account.



2. Create your investor profile.
Go here to create your investor profile:

You’ll need two forms of current identity, which could be any two of the following: a Australian driver’s licence, Australian passport, Medicare Card, bank statement, utilities receipt, government tax document, citizens certificate, or birth certificate.  If you provide a statement or document, you will need to upload these as an "Other" document. Please make sure these documents are less than six months old, show your name and residential address, and show the full document (we cannot accept screenshots). 

Make sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID (including your middle name, if you have one). We are required to obtain this information from every investor to meet our obligations under Australian anti-money laundering legislation.

If you're an international investor, you'll need to confirm you are legally allowed to invest. 

3. Read and understand.
You’ll be faced with the risks of investment, and the Financial Services Guide. You must confirm that you accept each. 

4. Get your confirmation email.
Nope, you didn’t skip anything. It’s really that simple. Note that we will not check your identification details until an equity campaign you have pledged to meets its goal.


Part Two: Pledge

1. Go to the campaign page you would like to invest in.

Please read all information on the campaign, including the offer document, ask the campaigner questions and take note of our warning statement about equity crowdfunding: 

Crowd-sourced funding is risky. Issuers using this facility include new or rapidly growing ventures. Investment in these types of ventures is speculative and carries high risks. You may lose your entire investment, and you should be in a position to bear this risk without undue hardship. Even if the company is successful, the value of your investment and any return on the investment could be reduced if the company issues more shares. Your investment is unlikely to be liquid. This means you are unlikely to be able to sell your shares quickly or at all if you need the money or decide that this investment is not right for you. Even though you have remedies for misleading statements in the offer document or misconduct by the company, you may have difficulty recovering your money. There are rules for handling your money. However, if your money is handled inappropriately or the person operating this platform on which this offer is published becomes insolvent, you may have difficulty recovering your money. Ask questions, read all information given carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself to any investment.

2. Click the “Make a Pledge” button (seen below).

This will take you through to the Pledge and Payment page to confirm the amount of shares you would like to apply for.   

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.01.57 PM.png

3You will be asked to confirm you will pay for your pledge by bank transfer or credit.

You will be required to enter credit card details as backup, even if you choose to pay by bank transfer. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will need to transfer payment within ten days of receiving payment instructions after the campaign closes successfully. 


4. Tick the terms box, and click “Make Your Pledge”.

Congratulations! You’re (nearly) an investor in an Australian company. Once you have made your pledge, you will receive an email with the offer document, and will be able to see the pledge details in your profile. You will not receive payment instructions until after the campaign has closed (and met its minimum goal).

5. Verifying your identity.

Once the campaign has met its deadline and goal, we check every equity pledger’s identity against a verification database by uploading the information that you provided us when you signed up to PledgeMe. This is a requirement we must follow under Australian anti-money laundering legislation. No matter how big or small your investment is, we are required to check your identity if you have pledged to an equity campaign. It can take a few working days to get through everyone. You are not required to do anything during this process; we will be in touch with you if we need further information. 

6. Cooling-off period and payment.

We may be in touch for more information if we are unable to verify your identity based on the information provided.  Note that under Australian law, you have cooling off rights of 5 working days, after which you are legally bound to complete your pledge. If you would like to cancel your pledge, you need to email within 5 working days of making. Once we have processed your pledge, we will send you payment instructions. 

7. Become a shareholder.

Once you have been verified by PledgeMe and your payment has gone through, the campaign creator will take over. You will be contacted by them once they have confirmed you as a shareholder and updated their shareholder register. If you have any shareholder-related questions, please get in touch with the company.