Step 5: Post

You did it! Well done.

Take a deep breath. Your campaign is over. Hopefully you've had enough pledges to make your minimum goal, or even better have pushed onward to your maximum goal. The work isn't over yet though. After the campaign has finished you need to tie up all the loose strings and there are now legal obligations which your company has to stick to. Here are some tips on what to do after your campaign.


You've taken their money, they have shares in your company. But that’s not where the relationship should end. 

It’s good practise to keep your shareholders informed about what you’re up to and the progress you’re making on goals. We recommend a monthly update so they feel connected to the business. This is important because now they have an interest in you succeeding and you have an interest in them continuing to support you. 

Communicating to your shareholders allows them to support you further. They’re more than champions now, they're a resource that want to see you succeed. 


Further capital raising

You can raise up to $5 million dollars through equity crowdfunding (and related capital raisings) a year. If your first offering raises $500,000 so you can hire a new staff member, and once you have them on board for six months you realise you need to buy some more equipment, you can do another equity campaign.

It is important to go back out to your current shareholders and crowd again to let them know you’re going to do this, especially if you're going to dilute their shareholding. You may have restrictions in your Constitution or Shareholders agreement around future capital raising, you will need to know your existing company agreements.